Angie vom Greifenring

16. August 1994 - 26. July 2007

SchH III // HD A1 // SG

DMC Körung III (554-5-4554)


Now you are asking yourself: "Why does Werner breed Malinois? Does he turn his back on the DDR bloodlines? Are those bloodlines not good anymore? Not having enough temperament? Being too soft? Is the progeny getting too close? Is there no future for those bloodlines at all?  Or any other reasons?"

Well, to clarify the reasons from the beginning, I would like to say what has happened and explain why I started to breed Malinois in addition to DDR Shepherd Dogs.

In 1998, I got a call from a friend saying that apparently a very good Malinois female is for sale. At this time this female was one of the two females having a DMC Körung III in Germany at all. After testing the Malinois female and obviously being convinced, I took her with me.

She was called "Angie vom Greifenring". Everybody having knowledge regarding Malinois and having seen her in reality will agree that this female was a class of her own. On the one hand she was a very friendly dog, socialized and every person could romp around with Angie. On the other hand being intransigent when she was on the training ground. Angie persuaded in every way of life with her self-confidence, her very good temperament and her impressive drives. She really had nerves out of steel. Angie bequeated her characteristics to lots of her progeny. Therefore I applied for an extended breeding permission for Angie. As a mark of recognition the DMC agreed and granted. So Angie had 5 litters during her time in my kennel.

Above that, in 2014 at FMBB Mia Skogster got World Champion with Räty vom Further Moor. Räty is a grandchild of our Angie and daughter of Crazy vom Parchimer Land.

Unfortunately I live in the middle of a residential estate. Moreover in the near there is a grammar school and a vocational school. So the possibilities to breed and have Malinois are slightly limited. Anyways Angie is and was the reason why I experienced the taste of the Malinois.

Regrettably our "Granny Angie" and her beloved daughter Freny died some months ago in our kennel. We will never ever forget them. They were very special members of our family and we definitely owe them a lot!


Freny vom Parchimer Land

16. April 2004 - 18. May 2012

SchH III // HD A1 // backbone "free"// SG

Körung (4545 - 98877987888)






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Angie vom Greifenring
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